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The Dream360 Story

Dream360 is an event rental company owned and operated by three women, a mother and two daughters, who began the company as a way to spend more time together and create a woman-led family legacy.


The company began in 2021 with just two flagship inventory items- the extremely sought after "Dream360Booth", a spinning selfie booth, and a 30-glass champagne wall. Since it's beginning, the mother-daughter trio have been part of weddings, anniversary parties, grand openings, baby showers, and "just for fun" celebrations. 


The company that prides itself on affordable lucury provides excellent service at prices that don't break the bank. Book today and make your dreams come true!

Our Inventory in Action

Our Clients Love Us!

"I had so much fun! I want to buy one of these machines! I wish I had one in my house!"

Ashley C. , Business Anniversary Event

"Last night was amazing! Thank you so much for making my night event amazing!"

Armani C. , Baby Shower

"i've seen these at different events and they've always been super expensive so I was really excited when I found ya'll because your pricing wasn't outrageous!"

Tenille A, Birthday Party

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